Written by Michelle / 24th Aug 2022

Branding is one of the most important aspects of any business. It’s what makes a company unique and memorable and helps build trust in your brand.

A company’s brand can be defined as its reputation, personality, and identity — all factors influencing how customers perceive your business.

Your brand is also the sum total of all the experiences customers have with your products or services. This includes everything from how you interact with them on social media to how easily they can find information about your company online.

When it comes to branding, it’s all about creating an experience that resonates with customers so they’ll be willing to come back again and again.

One way to do this is through rebranding: changing how you present yourself visually or verbally so that you’re more memorable and appealing to potential customers.


3 Reasons to redesign:

  • The first impression is terribly weak.
  • Navigation is cluttered or poorly mapped
  • The site is not mobile responsive

The first impression that potential customers form about your business tends to be the most lasting one. Therefore, it’s crucial to ensure that your website conveys the right message and makes a good first impression. If they don’t like what they see, they might not bother to explore further.


Design is the silent ambassador of your brand. -Paul Rand


Steps for improving your website:

Re-designing: This includes all visual elements like logos and images as well as menus, buttons, forms, fonts and even colours.

Improving navigation: Navigation plays an important role in determining how users interact with a website. It should be easy to understand, intuitive and provide a good user experience so that users can find what they are looking for quickly without having to spend too much time searching for it on their own.

Clean up clutter: Clutter refers to any unnecessary content on your website that does not add value or help users find information quickly easily or at all (such as ads). You should remove clutter from your site so that visitors can see what matters most (e.g. products or services) without having to scroll through unnecessary information such as ads or popups.


You’re experiencing a high bounce rate and low conversion rate.

You’re not sure why, but you know it’s happening.

The reason behind your poor performance can be attributed to any number of factors, including poor site design, poor user experience and bad SEO. One thing is for sure: You need a branding strategy that delivers results.

Why? Because brand recognition leads to increased traffic, leads and sales. However getting there isn’t easy — especially when you have little time or resources to spare. The good news is that AppCentric has several proven ways you can build your brand without breaking the bank.

In conclusion it’s a common misconception that branding only matters when you’re ready to scale. The truth is that you should be intentional about your brand from day one — even if it’s just you and a handful of customers.

The reason is simple: Every interaction with your customers, from the first email or phone call to long-term retention, reflects your brand. If you continue to behave in a manner that’s true to your brand after you’ve established it, then you’ll reap the rewards over time.

I hope this will help you in your own journey to building your brand. If you liked this piece and know someone who could benefit from it, please share it with them!


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