Written by Daniel Townsend / 16th Dec 2019

Apple has just released iOS 10.3.1, a security and bug fix update to their previously release 10.3 version.

iOS 10 was first announced and previewed at WWDC 2013 in San Fransico on the 13 June 2016 and released later that year to the public as a free update to owners of the iPhone 5 and later, iPad min 2 and later and the iPad 4, iPad Air and iPad Pro models.  The major release included a number of new enhancements that built on Apples existing OS including a few of our favourites;

  • Widgets
  • Raise to Wake
  • Photo Memories
  • Map Improvements
  • Deleting of Default Apps

After the releases of iOS 10.1 and 10.2, iOS 10.3 changed the default file system of the operating system, freeing up much needed space for users on smaller sized devices.  the 10.3.1 update is a minor release designed to fix a small number of security issues and bugs.

If you’re already running iOS 10.3 lookout for the update and upgrade your device as soon as possible.  If you are updating from version 10.2 or lower it is recommended you backup your device before upgrading due to the new file system changes in 10.3.

For a full list of features in each of the iOS 10 minor releases check out this article on TechRadar

Tech Radar iOS 10 and iOS 10.3 features and updates

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